Download Multigraph

Multigraph uses jQuery, and the full version of the Multigraph code includes a copy of jQuery. Starting with version 5.0.1, a separate Multigraph file is available that does not include jQuery. If you use this "nojq" version of Multigraph, you must load jQuery into your page before you load Multigraph.

The most recent release of Multigraph is version , released . You may download the full version or the "nojq" version of this release using the following buttons:

multigraph-min.js (Including jQuery) multigraph-nojq-min.js (Without jQuery)

Note that you don't necessarily have to download Multigraph in order to use it on your site. If you don't mind referring to a file that is hosted elsewhere, you can simply link to "" or "" directly, as demonstrated on the Quickstart page.

Version Date Released Release Notes Including jQuery Without jQuery
compressed uncompressed compressed uncompressed

Older (pre-HTML5) Versions

Prior to the HTML5 version (i.e. prior to version 4.0), Multigraph was an Adobe Flash application. The Flash version of Multigraph was/is used in much the same way as the current HTML5/JavaScript. The original versions of it are available in the archive.