Graphs for the Web.

Multigraph is a JavaScript framework for creating 2-dimensional data graphs for the web. It can read data in a variety of formats and is highly customizable. It uses the HTML5 Canvas element for very fast rendering, and is compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile devices.


Just click and drag with your mouse (or finger) to drag the graph up and down!


Scroll in or scroll out using your mouse! Have hands? Just pinch to zoom!

Easily integrated

Just a few lines of code! Learn how to make your own graphs here!

How to create a Multigraph

Check out the documentation to learn how to create your own Multigraphs.

Source Code

Multigraph is open-source; access the source code here.

Who made Multigraph?

Developers at UNC Asheville's NEMAC created Multigraph in order to display scientific data in an easy-to-use way on the web.

See example graphs

Want to see Multigraph in action? View example graphs ranging from simple to complex; giving you an idea of all the types of graphs you can make!

Report a bug

Found a bug? Need to ask a question? Use the GitHub issue tracker.